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Lviv is a city in the Western Ukraine, regarded as one of the main cultural centres of the country, and historically it was also a major Polish and Jewish cultural center. As a medieval city in Red Ruthenia, Lviv was founded on the existent settlement most probably in 1247. The Festival “Old Lviv”, dedicated to the medieval history of the city, is held in a beautiful cultural and historical place, the museum of national architecture and lifestyle “Shevchenko’s Grove”.

The old Lviv… Usually this notion implies the early period of the city existence starting from its foundation to seizure in 1340 by King of Poland Kazimyr III and its next joining to Poland. The medieval annalists M. Gruneweg, Y. Alpnek, B. Zimorovich did not deny Russian genesis of the city, and their stories were based purely on narrations. Throughout many centuries scientists have been studying the issue of Lviv origin and came to the following conclusions.

The guests have an opportunity to dive into the romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages – the era of courageous knights and beautiful ladies. Representatives of knight clubs from different cities of Ukraine and from abroad come to Lviv to recreate life and culture of people in the 13-15th centuries.

The main events of the Festival are knights tournaments, mass battles and old knightly fun. Near each of the wooden little houses of the “Shevchenko’s Grove” the medieval entertainment is offered to the visitors, including craftsmen’s workshops, archery and medieval dances. The concerts of medieval groups also create the fantastic spirit of the Middle Ages.